Notes from God
by Patricia A. David
PageTurner Press and Media

"If Christ is not risen then what,
If Christ is not risen then we will not."

For those of faith, David’s poetry provides an opportunity to rejoice. Meanwhile, for those who are still on the fence but with open hearts, it is a platform to welcome Christ as the savior. What makes her work intriguing within the plethora of faith-based poetry offerings in the marketplace is its unassuming nature and pure devotion toward Christ’s love.

Much of David’s poetry is a fusion of spirituality and a dose of the real world. For instance, “God’s Perfect Peace” illuminates with precision mankind’s plight in a world where peace is elusive and the human body—a vehicle to experience the Word in action—is squandered. In the same vein, “Second Birth” and “Are you Hungry” are both pieces that are meant for reawakening the vigor of the inner spirit within humanity.

Throughout the compilation, themes of sacrifice and mercy act as clues on the quest to the ultimate treasure, salvation. When one redirects and visualizes their life from the perspective of God’s Word, there is a sense of completion and fulfillment that is unrivaled by any material thing. Interestingly, for those who question, David highlights Jesus on the cross of Calvary while depicting a surreal and glorious moment when the pearly gates of Heaven open, the trumpets blare to announce one’s arrival, and the saved bask in the eternal love of the Lord. Overall, David’s pure and unconditional love shines through the pages, delivering a moving experience for readers that can prompt a call to action and a chance for introspection that is a long-time in the making.

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