Obedient Until Death
by Liisa Eyerly
CrossRiver Media Group

"'It is a battle of words and ideas that poison the mind, not the body,' Apollos said."

Set in Ephesus in the early years of Christianity, this mystery novel follows Sabina as she attempts to unravel the truth about Benjamin, a Christian scribe, who is poisoned at their secret worship meeting. It is a dangerous time for Christians in the town of Ephesus, as they fear the Romans who are adamant about stomping out the new faith. When an anonymous letter informs the authorities about their meeting, Sabina faces her father’s displeasure. Her father is a magistrate of Ephesus and arrests the bishop for the murder. Convinced Apollos is innocent, Sabina begins her own investigation into the murder. Benjamin’s brother, Yechiel, joins Sabina on her quest for the truth. They discover a sect of Gnostics, a cult-like group teaching a perversion of the scriptures. Could Benjamin have uncovered something to lead the group’s leader to act against him? Is there anyone that they can trust in their search for the truth?

With its interesting setting and strong protagonist, this novel delivers. From the book’s beginning, the reader is pulled into the narrative. The fear and danger Christians faced during this time are fully explored, making for an intriguing read that takes the reader into the lives of those who illegally adhere to the new Christian faith. It is not an easy life for those having to worship in secret. Eyerly skillfully captures the anxiety and fear of these early Christians. She is adept at creating this dangerous world and bringing the modern reader into its grasp. There are plenty of twists and turns which keep the tension rising as the plot races to its conclusion. This one will keep readers on the edge of their seats as they follow Sabina’s quest for the truth.

A 2023 Eric Hoffer Book Award Grand Prize Short List book and the Spiritual Fiction category winner

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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