"I think this case may go down in history as one of those unsolved mysteries."

Parker Campbell and her psychic cat, Olivia, are well-known for their investigative journalism. They take on an adventure regarding a cat colony and how to save this colony from developers. Olivia and her brother, Wade, return home to visit their mother. Wade also has psychic abilities. The three of them work towards finding a missing child who left his childcare facility. An unexpected family drama occurs with a major secret revealed. How does everyone cope with such family issues?

As Parker and Olivia team up with Savannah and her psychic cat, Ragsdale, they explore options for the cat colony. However, they meet a detective who has taken a leave of absence to investigate the case of missing people that happened seven years ago. The two women and the two cats are on the job, for this area is located around the cat colony. The detective has personal reasons for looking for the missing and probably dead people, and he wants help from the others in solving the mystery.

The author's entertaining novel examines the love of family, the beauty and joy of cats (both domesticated and feral), and the power of helping others. The psychic cats romp throughout the story with their tales (and tails) of adventure. The mystery of cats is delightfully written about by an author who obviously understands them. The mystical and psychic components are nicely woven throughout the story. It is a whimsical mystery, sad and funny, and a delightful read. It is a perfect beach mystery for anyone who loves animals, especially cats, and those who want to learn about the brilliance of animal nature. Even dog lovers will enjoy this novel.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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