Once Upon a Time in the American Revolution
by Rev. Gordon R. Hackel D.H.L.
Goldtouch Press

"More likely, the right man, in the right place, at the right time in the history of the birth of America, much like General WASHINGTON."

The Kemper family came to New York from Germany before the Revolutionary War began. Jacob Kemper owned a city tavern where those who met were prepared to risk their all to rebel against the British king. Outside the tavern, Kemper's youngest son, John, met a gypsy fortuneteller. She predicted an important future for John, who longed to be a great soldier like his German grandfather. Two Indians, a halo of stars, a smoke cloud, and great danger were among the predictions that would come true.

With George Washington at the head of the Continental Army, John Morton as his banker, and Daniel and John Kemper as supply masters, these rebels began to implement dangerous plans for freedom as proposed by the Founding Fathers. The Kemper brothers kept journals, chronicling events such as crossing the Delaware and what occurred in Philadelphia and Yorktown. Sea fights brought horrible treatment to American prisoners. Loyalists were enemies, too.

The author's highly informative book debunks cherished myths, such as asserting that Betsy Ross was not actually the creator of the new nation's flag of stripes and stars. It also sheds some light on how Washington managed to defeat the mightiest force of the day. For instance, the Kemper and Morton families were invaluable to George Washington as outfit suppliers to the Continental Army and also supplied valuable information. John Kemper's daughter collected their firsthand journals, with memories from family members. She transcribed these to maintain the family history and validate military service for Kemper's pension claim. The author, a Kemper relative, has helpfully arranged the entries in a story format to facilitate reading. Hackel's lengthy work provides a unique view of the founding of American, especially the spy games that kept George Washington informed and a step ahead of the British.

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