One Flush at a Time
by Robert “Dino” Comer

"I’ve got the remote… all I need now is a TV!"

Humor with honor and a human touch is highlighted in this colorful, highly engaging volume by author Comer. Each page comprises a photograph—sometimes more than one—overlaid with a joke or a brief essay, childhood memories, and recollections about those who have devoted time to military service. Much amusement is based around certain bathroom (or outhouse) activities, with the opening proviso that the work, as its title implies, is to be read “on the toilet.” Four adorable pets, as shown on the book’s lively front cover, enjoy reading while occupying the bathroom chair.

Some segments target the Internet, indicating that it prevents people from communicating face to face, creating “friends” in name only. A cow asks God for the ability to say something more than “Moo,” and the poet recalls how his mother taught him respect, using both well-chosen words and the occasional “tapping on my little sensitive bottom.” Mixed among these entertaining perspectives is “The US Military Soldier’s Inspirational Jingle,” urging readers to “join the military, don’t settle for less.”

All in all, Comer’s book is an admirable presentation that reveals his skill with words and their comical uses, as well as his ability to choose and amplify the accompanying illustrations to the best effect. In a brief autobiography at the book’s conclusion, he recounts his army veteran status and his time conducting workshops for diverse entities from kindergartners to Fortune 500 companies. While emphasizing the droll moments mined from ordinary life, he also includes such poignant offerings as his devotion to a woman whom he loves “with truth.” This charming collection will doubtless spread laughter wherever found and earn Comer a well-deserved name as someone who understands, respects, and willingly draws on human foibles to illustrate and share cheer and a touch of wisdom.

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