Only You: Deeply from my heart
by Elena

"Know you are my joy.
You can make me laugh.
I love my life with you, just enjoy."

Two dozen poems fill the pages of this book of poetry and photography written to create an immediate connection between the poet's heart and those of her readers. Familiar subjects of poetry like unrequited love or the encapsulation of a moment with a young child that one wants to freeze and preserve forever sit alongside topical reflections on global pandemics or loving a soldier called to serve in hostile, faraway lands. Each piece is brief but wastes no time in directly addressing the most jubilant or painful emotions, recording them in a distinct and confident voice. Offering up her personal and private thoughts onto the page for all to read, these poems are intense in their emotions but uplifting in the many avenues for love they illustrate in just one poet's life.

Paced for a quick read but packed with an emotional density that demands processing and digesting, these poems demonstrate the economy of words used to their utmost. The language is accessible, and the ideas are universal. The result is a book of poetry for the masses: thoughts and feelings held by almost everyone in words they might internally think about in these moments. The photography is equally evocative, offering snapshots of picturesque landscapes or private moments of adoration that provide a similar punch of expression that opens the audience's mind to empathy and sympathy. Following the author from her highs of swelling, outpouring love to the lows of isolation and uncertainty is a ride with a wide variance but constant intensity. It can be jarring if taken in too quickly, proving it is ultimately better to savor these selections and earmark favorites for repeated reflection.

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