Organ Orgasms: My Experiences with Conscious Blood Flow (CBF)
by Robert Ian Rollwagen
Author Reputation Press

"...I see CBF as sharing some of the same goals as formal meditation practices... understanding how your mind works, learning how to become attuned..."

An organ orgasm is the by-product of increased and sustained blood flow to a targeted organ. The author explains that orgasms actually happen in the brain and are felt elsewhere. Throughout the book, Rollwagen indicates which organs are especially easy to access by the Conscious Blood Flow (CBF) technique. Genitals may be the best place to start practicing. This is because most people, after a certain age, are aware of how blood flow affects this area of the body. The author's technique does not use manual manipulation, only CBF.

After reading chapters four through six, the reader can begin. The process is similar to meditation. One gets comfortable, preferably reclining on the back, and then begins visualizing blood entering the target organ, first from vessels on the left side, next from the back and front sides, and then adding in the right side. It is important not to tell the body what to do, as "it tells" you. One then refreshes oneself on what is happening in the organ and continues practicing. An organ orgasm may feel like a pleasurable, healthful tingle.

Rollwagen worked as a consulting statistician in a medical lab. Because his how-to manual requires the reader to be familiar with the arteries and blood vessels involved, he learned to illustrate. His excellent line drawings with captions, colored areas, and multiple views provide accurate information for each organ. With drawings as complex as the one depicting all the major arteries, reading this book may feel at first like examining a medical textbook. However, the author's writing throughout is delivered in a very supportive tone. Along with the drawings explained by correlating text, there are other useful study tools in the book: appendices, extensive endnotes, a bibliography, and an index. Readers can learn how to support their organs for optimum health.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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