Out Front the Following Sea
by Leah Angstman
Regal House Publishing

"Rain pelted his eyelids until he could scarce lift them, but as he stared down the captain, the wedge driven between them as thick as the oak planking."

In this original and well-researched novel, readers discover the story of Ruth Miner, an independent woman surviving during an often-forgotten historical period. In 1689 New England, King William's War between the French and English begins, and Ruth finds herself accused of witchcraft and brutal murder. The narrative follows Ruth as she is banished from her town and finds herself in the company of an unlikely supporter—Owen, a sailor of French ancestry facing his own adversities. When Ruth finds herself having to choose between her people and her former colony to protect herself, readers enter the treacherous world of war. It is a world where society's rules no longer apply.

This book's beauty lies not only in its authenticity but also in the elegant manner in which Ruth's story is told. Ruth is a formidable, admirable heroine, and her character opens many neglected conversations and stories about the female role in the English Colonies. Her bravery in the face of seemingly insurmountable circumstances reminds readers of the fortitude women in the Colonies possessed despite a patriarchal society that forced them into silence. Most unique about this book is its incorporation of the Pequot language, which acts as a call to and a reminder of the importance of language preservation and the remembrance of indigenous culture and history. Ruth's bold adventures will inspire readers into the literal and figurative unknown, and those looking for a new type of heroine will find that in this book. Fans of historical fiction looking for their next favorite book may discover it in this action-packed tale.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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