by Peter DeChristopher

"One of the foul beasts looks up, but before he can make a sound, his head is separated from his shoulders by a thrust of Lika’s sword."

Isolde, also known as the White Witch, has sworn to protect the continent of Pangea from evil. When she senses a sinister presence growing in the Dark Forest, she knows she must investigate. Soon, she learns that a wicked demon, Abaddon, known to sit at the left hand of Evil, is gathering an army to conquer all of Pangea. Those who oppose Abaddon band their armies together and march on his fortress. Meanwhile, Isolde, with a group of multiple races of free people, attempts to sneak into the fortress and use the upcoming battle as a diversion to confront Abaddon himself. They’ll have to overcome many monsters and hidden dangers if they want a chance of catching Abaddon for an unexpected confrontation.

This is a classic fantasy with a quest uniting multiple factions to overcome a rising evil. The story parallels the Lord of the Rings narrative. DeChristopher has put his own spin on some of the familiar races and themes found in these types of quest narratives. The book is an entertaining and quick read, and the few grammatical mistakes do not deter from the reading experience. The tale incorporates some modern adult language, much like many popular TV series of the same genre. The protagonist is likable enough, but the quirkier side characters are much more enjoyable. Diehard fans of the genre will enjoy the tale’s classic structure. The book will be quickly devoured by those who are interested in a retelling of the standard quest story but with a cast dressed in interesting new outfits.

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