Phenomenal Vision Eyesight to Life Sight
by Rev. Dr. Leonidas A. Johnson, Optometrist
Christian Faith Publishing

"It is always wise to look at things from various vantage points to get a true picture of what’s going on."

While all of the body's five senses are incredible in their abilities, there is none that we rely more upon than sight. Our eyes tell us so much all the time and at speeds that we can't even notice that we might take them for granted. Spirituality and faith work in much the same way, providing guidance and constant benefits when used but seldom appreciated for all of their contributions. Using his unique perspective as both a reverend and an optometrist, the author compares the sense of eyesight with the vision of the spirit, which he refers to as "life sight." He combines the scientific explanation for how we see and compares it to how enlightenment shapes our mind's eye. Breaking down the different ways we see, this book makes sense of both scientific and metaphysical concepts, marrying the two and borrowing elements of each to answer much larger questions.

The dual backgrounds that create the author's perspective allow him to easily and naturally speak across the entire spectrum of his point. The blend of optometry and faith may not seem like something with a lot of overlap, but the ideas here are presented in a way that feels natural and not at all far-fetched. Using color diagrams, photos, and scripture, the book includes many useful tools that help the reader understand its thesis. The book is broken down mostly into three handy subsections: the physical eye, the mental process of decoding sight, and how those two things compare to spiritual vision. Johnson's book is a great, brief read for people who want to be better acquainted with the "why" questions of faith or those who need some reinforcement to continue following their hearts in challenging and dark times.

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