Plants R Cures: An Almanac of Plants & Healing
by Martin E. Gordon, M.D.
LifeRich Publishing

"Plants are extremely adapted for doing exactly what they need to do."

This almanac provides a nice overview of the history and relationship of plants and medicine. According to Gordon, the book is partly "a mission to try to understand the relationship between plants in our lives." This includes delving into the subject of plants as medicine but also discussing the dangers of plants to those unaware of their proper use. The book is divided into thirty chapters plus a glossary, keywords, a list of plant libraries, and other observations. The author uses anecdotes, information about plants and their uses, and his own professional experiences as a medical doctor to illustrate and exemplify his premise. He succinctly sums up his belief that "Nature has provided all the cures we need."

While many embrace the new as science continues to reward the world with improved or novel treatments, Gordon's book recognizes and celebrates the tried and true of thousands of years of experience. Though his work is only a short reference book on this vast subject, he manages to pack a great deal of interesting and useful information into it. His reflections from his years of working directly with patients in the medical field bring authority to his findings. It is his embrace of both science and holistic healing that is unusual in this work as the two are, for the most part, seen as two separate entities. Over his years in the medical field, Gordon has come to realize the inherent value in what nature has provided and now shares that knowledge with his readers. Those who take a hands-on approach to health and well-being will want to have this useful book on their shelves.

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