Play Nancy Spain
by Tony Cassidy
AuthorHouse UK

"I did not want to see her marry someone else when I still loved her.… Had I missed an opportunity or had there never really been one?"

Set in the 1980s in Northern Ireland, this is the story of a recently divorced single father working to rebuild his life. Tom’s marriage and his job have both ended. Faced with the daunting task of starting over, his interest in education motivates him to enroll at Ulster University as a mature student studying psychology. Suddenly, he is trying to juggle his busy academic life, which crosses into his personal life, with his desire to spend as much time with his young daughter as possible.

To complicate matters even more, Tom struggles to tamp down his attraction to a young woman, Laura, whom he met at the university. He is still working through the pain of his divorce and is, therefore, reluctant to fall in love again. However, he is in a constant battle against his feelings for Laura. Since she is in a relationship with someone else, Tom chooses to keep his distance while still hoping for a future with her.

The author gives readers a colorful, fun description of college life that any young college student might recognize. Despite his age, Tom—Tommy to the other students—embraces that life. The story would have possibly benefitted from the inclusion of more of the unique kinds of circumstances and challenges an older university student such as Tom might face. Instead, younger students quickly welcome him into the fold, with no obvious resistance from anyone. Still, this is a sweet love story and an entertaining read about starting again after life throws you a curveball.

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