Poems for Morning, Noon and Night
by Patricia A. David
PageTurner Press and Media

"How do we praise a person who is always doing good,
For we realize that person is doing what he should."

Utilizing an array of underlining and italics, David adds emphasis and creates a rhythmic structure to convey her outlook on approaching the various parts of the day, from rising in the morning to retiring for rest at night. In the process, the poetry gives rise to optimism to begin the day and reflection to end the night. However, the one constant in both cases is prayer and keeping the Lord central in one’s life.

Conjure the feeling of waking up ready to seize the day, only to crash and burn upon the first hint of adversity or temptation. These poems, including but not limited to “Friendship” and “God in Rhyme,” are intended to help the reader immerse himself or herself in the comfort of God’s Word, uplifting the spirit from the abyss of self-doubt and experiencing true forgiveness. Interestingly, this compilation exhibits a serenity that adds a meditative quality to the reading experience, particularly with poems like “What does God see?” and "Each Step," where quieting the mind and attaining peace are presented as pathways to the ultimate love of God.

At its core, David’s book astutely points out how God did not need proof from humanity to sacrifice his son. “No More A Stranger” showcases how a deep acquaintance with God’s Word is encouraging mankind to have that same unconditional faith. Ultimately, the entire compilation is an invitation to use the monumental moments of the day, just as the cadence of one’s life is at its most peaceful, to welcome the love of the Lord.

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