Poems on Social Issues
by Paula Tan
Partridge Publishing

"What do you wish to speak
Speak now, you autistic child,
And your voice can be heard a million galaxies away."

Reading the headlines every day can make one feel as if the world is balancing on the tip of a knife, constantly changing and evolving with new issues and crises that seem to crop up faster than anyone can keep up. In this small volume of poetry on the topical issues of the day, the author offers a lyrical, thoughtful perspective on things affecting people worldwide. Whether it is coping with the stress of capitalism, keeping the family unit together, the marginalization of mental illnesses, or the unique challenges faced by Christians in the modern era, each of these poems tackles a certain concern with clarity and brevity. Whether making sense of a complex world or looking for a voice of reason amidst the shouting of the masses, these poems offer enlightenment and peace.

Split up into overarching themes, these poems are grouped together with eye-catching imagery that sets the tone for the verses ahead. Spanning only two pages at most, each selection offers quickly digestible wit and insight that can be used when the reader most needs them. The poet's style reflects the modernity of its subject matter, finding moments to flourish and shine while also keeping the message clear and concise. While these issues can be murky and difficult to navigate in the real world without offending others' sensibilities, the author is deft in her approach, speaking directly and from the heart but in such a way that expresses her beliefs and perspective without denigrating anyone else's. This is poetry for a turbulent time not only because of the things it addresses but because it does so in a fashion that promotes peace and growth.

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