Poetic Beauty: An Abstract Encounter in Black
by John Thomas Qua
PageTurner Press and Media

"The ground began to shake, as the foundation of time began to slip away, grain by grain."

Steeped in faith and candidly personal, these poems celebrate a life well-lived and in service to the Lord. The speaker confesses to being “fearful of another long season of excessive hurt and pain.” However, the speaker acknowledges that overcoming those fears and worldly temptations is part of one’s earthly and spiritual journey. Other poems celebrate spiritual beings such as angels and remind readers that “If this is fact or fiction, no one actually knows.” “Graciousness from a Loving Friend” is a testament to the life-changing power of a good friend who leaves a lasting impact, even long after they are gone. As the collection concludes, poems like “Time to Remember” emphasize the necessity of moving forward from grief and regrets and embracing the gift that each new day offers.

Readers who are looking for a testimony about overcoming adversity will appreciate these verses. They are positive and uplifting, even when they discuss difficult subjects like loss, grief, betrayal, and other emotionally taxing topics. The speaker invites readers into his world with a conversational, real, and friendly tone. This tone adds personality and character to the poems as well. The collection also possesses a structural duality. While some readers may read the pieces as short, prosaic narratives, others may read the pieces as poems. This duality creates a unique reading experience for readers of all backgrounds and literary preferences. Those seeking a book with positive messages that will inspire them to approach life in a new way will enjoy this one.

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