Politicians in Purgatory: A DocuDrama of the Cold War
by Kirsten E.A. Borg, Ph.D
Trafford Publishing

"So they must not only speak the truth as they know it, but see the truth of their life as it really was."

A trial is about to get underway. Lady Justice is presiding over the fates of five men who figured in the developments of the Cold War: Winston Churchill, Jawaharlal Nehru, Lyndon B. Johnson, Nikita Khrushchev, and Charles De Gaulle. All five are in limbo, and their eternal fate lies in the hands of others. The lawyers for the men are a guardian angel and a devil’s advocate. An angel named Clio reads the history of the respective men for the court. Winston Churchill is arrogant and unrepentant. Lyndon Johnson is the glad-handing deal maker. Nehru is humble but holds lingering anger at Churchill. Khruschev is boisterous but distrustful of Johnson. De Gaulle retains the upright bearing of a military leader. Each man is determined to convince the judge and jury of the propriety of their actions and control their destiny.

The author has written an appealing work of drama that puts history on trial. The book serves as part historical narrative and part biography of the five men and their contributions to the world (both good and bad). In this combination of This is Your Life and Defending Your Life, the author blends the apocalyptic drama of the Cold War with humor and heart. The story unfolds along the lines of a play, with the dialogue between the men themselves and the court providing the crux of the story. Each individual is unique in their background and leadership role, but they are united in their self-righteousness and current predicament. This book illustrates the complexities of men who helped steer the forces of world history and how judgment may still be rendered years after they have left their mark. In short, this is a truly fascinating work.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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