Raja and the Throne of Zurkia
by Avah Broc

"Raja’s eyes swept over the crowd and tingles came over her body. The energy from their loud cheering surged through her veins. A new power of bravery resonated within her spirit."

Pavel, the son of Lord Viktor Ramazon, is surveying his father’s land in the kingdom of Zurkia in the Land of Rousse, where peasants are busily cutting and harvesting grass. When he sees a young girl being loudly berated by her father, the young lord is incensed by her treatment. Riding to her aid, Pavel confronts the man, sweeps the girl onto his horse, and takes her to his father’s manor. Thirteen-year-old Raja is in shock as her father and her home fade into the distance. Soon, shock morphs into fear. What will become of her? Will she see her parents again? The truth will be more shocking than she could have imagined.

Through a series of discoveries, Raja learns her true identity. She is the daughter of the Tzarina of Zurkia, who, as a baby, was kidnapped from her mother. Raja also is the rightful heir to the throne. However, her uncle—her royal mother’s brother, the Dark Prince—covets the throne for himself, and he is prepared to take it by force.

Expert worldbuilding is vital when writing fantasy, and this author has adeptly created the fantasy world of the Land of Rousse, with its varied and often rival medieval kingdoms. The story is aimed at young readers, who will be able to immerse themselves in the stories of the colorful cast of characters through a series of adventures and misadventures, each teaching an important life lesson. The ending wraps up each major character’s story with a satisfying and happy conclusion. For young fantasy fans, this one might just fit the bill.

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