Ralphie's Adventures Continue
by B. Tuff

"Hurray! Hurray! Its (sic) camping day today,
Let us set up tents and head that way (sic)"

This children's book consists of two tales in one volume, with the second story entitled, "About Rayon Portholes Blue Prints and More." The stories are told in a rhyming style. The first one explores dogs, including Ralphie, who go on a trip to a cave where they show their bravery even though a crisis happens. One dog who stays at camp gets help from their friend, Glory Girl, a horse. They are all rescued, and Ralphie and Bernard talk about another galaxy while hoping a ship can take them to Rayon and beyond.

The second story speaks about four different portholes that Ralphie may visit, as he has been here before. Here one finds the Rayon Tree, which is like earth but also has Goblits, water creatures, Griffits and Graffits, and numerous other creatures as well as unusual plant life and few trees. There is a blueprint by Teeter of a ship, as well as a secret blueprint designed by Moppsy, which means "anything goes."

Written and illustrated by the author, the two stories delve into various creatures—both the earthen type, such as the dogs and the horse, and into fantasy creatures such as the Goblits. Stories such as these can help children understand reality vs. fantasy while embracing the value of all types of beings. The simplistic illustrations can offer insight into the stories, which utilize nice rhymes, a technique that most children enjoy. The overall effectiveness of the book would be enhanced through some additional editing. However, it is a worthwhile attempt to engage small children through a heroic ending and happy outcome with the first story and an expansion of thought regarding other worlds in the second story.

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