Ranger’s Sojourn
by Ulysses Namon

"The two marauders were not interested in surrendering, raising their weapons instead."

Tomi Ryan is a smart, confident, and adventurous young lady. It helps that her parents invested in an enhanced genetic package for her before she was born. After finishing school, Tomi eventually decides to join the Federation Rangers. She excels at the training and passes the strict requirements easily. It isn’t long until she is out on assignment. It turns out there is a group of space pirates causing trouble, and Tomi and her fellow Rangers must track them down and stop their looting. However, Tomi doesn’t get to rest as there is a war on, and she and her rangers are called to a distant planet to infiltrate an immense fortress acting as the Imperium’s command center. They are tasked to breach the fortress underwater, blow up three power units to cripple the station, and extract. Things don’t go as planned, but as the Rangers say: improvise, adapt, and overcome.

Namon’s science fiction adventure is fast-paced with plenty of action and likable characters. The writing is fairly clear and concise and takes a back seat to the daring deeds of the Rangers. Whereas some sci-fi is most interested in building a technically sound and believable world, Namon focuses on excitement in a way related to summer blockbusters. There are areas where the characters could be a bit more fleshed-out or, in the case of the war, more backstory given to help create a better understanding of the conflict. But that really isn’t what the story is all about. Instead, the book is focused on delivering an exciting and entertaining narrative about special operatives’ adventures in space. Readers looking for a fun adventure in the cosmos will be thrilled and entertained by Namon’s novel.

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