Read Me, Will You?
by Amy Taye
Partridge Publishing

"Dedicated to you, the one who is reading this, for you love poetry too."

This tender poetry collection focuses on the theme of love in relationships and outlooks on life. These pieces address such subjects as finding strength in the affection felt towards significant others and the personal devastation felt in cases where the recipient betrays or is unable to reciprocate that affection. However, even though it might bring terrible heartache occasionally, the overall message is clear that love is a valuable and powerful quality capable of helping its bearers appreciate their blessings and overcome difficult times. The selection includes poems dedicated to individuals known to the author and inspired by pop culture sources, all filtered through the theme of love from various perspectives.

While there are many poetry books available with love as their main subject, this specific collection stands out in the way it approaches that discussion. And this book does, strikingly, turn love into a conversation with readers, as hinted by the title that invites them to read the shared pieces. Love gets pushed as a tangible, often uncontrollable force with a mind of its own. Additionally, true lovers help to keep each other healthy and happy throughout life. They turn existence into a celebration translated to readers through the text, creating a fun and uplifting experience for anyone who ventures among these pages. There are realities presented here, some of them darker than others, but done in a sensitive way that adds another layer of enjoyment to this entire collection. It is a wonderful reminder of the power of love and makes for an encouraging read.

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