Reality Prism: A Raven Novel
by Paul E. Vallely Major General, US Army (Ret) and John D. Trudel

"These America haters of the left and their Marxist and Fascists friends like BLM and Antifa do not advance civil discussion or unity."

This innovative book blends fiction and fact to address what the authors see as a Marxist takeover of America. The chapters are written as distinct types of prose: normal narrative or general reading; non-fiction discussions of threats, such as a New World Order and The Great Reset; action or suggestions to regain freedom, prosperity, and safety; and heroic fiction in which the authors' theories are presented as a predictive thriller. Throughout the non-fiction portions, the authors expound on the current state of American politics and what is seen as an effort by the liberal wing of the Democratic Party to change America into a Marxist state. This theory is reinforced by the fictional part of the book, which tells a terrifying story of the assassination of a sitting American president.

According to the book, "Reality Prism discusses what is happening to destroy our Western Civilization, who is doing it, and what We the People can do to prevent a new Dark Age." The ideas put forth in the narrative are indeed disturbing. The authors assert that Americans have been misled by their leaders about certain events. For example, when talking about the January 6, 2021, riot at the capitol, the book states that "January 6 was a setup. There was no insurrection. It was entrapment, a false flag." Of the Covid-19 pandemic, the authors write, "World leaders in the fields of economics, politics, academia, and the media are taking advantage of the chaos and confusion created by the COVID-19 lockdowns and exploiting them to dramatically reshape society throughout the world." Democrats and a handful of Republicans are portrayed as leftist radicals whose main objective is to change America by ushering in a New World Order by way of The Great Reset or "the Global Elite's Plan to Radically Remake Our Economic and Social Lives."

There is also the assertion that "The winning strategy for defeating Trump in the 2020 election hinged on stealing the vote using mail-in ballots, rigged voting machines, Zucherbucks, and various criminal acts." Furthermore, for Democrats to deliver future victories at the ballot box, "The pandemic lockdowns must continue through November 2022, if not November 2024, to allow the Democrats to flood the ballot boxes with millions of fraudulent ballots."

The novel section of the book creates an unsettling scenario in which the government is attacked from within by a long-trusted but compromised member of security and from without by China through bioweapons. It vividly brings these theories and ideas to life with its colorful characters and detailed plot. Raven is a fired CIA operative who, with his partner, Josie, has been called to a secluded hunting camp to help solve the mysterious murder of the sitting president. Josie is a paranormal viewer. Because of her talents and abilities to mentally travel to both the past and future, she is a valuable asset to the country and considered a national treasure.

The nonfiction parts of the book are clearly marked to indicate whether they concern threats to the American government and way of life or actions to get the government back on track, a feature which is helpful to the reader. This book paints a bleak picture of America's future with what the nation's leaders and foreign enemies perceive as a calculated move. "Our culture is being erased. Ruling elites, foreign enemies, the socialist left, Hollywood, rappers, Fake News, and schools that teach what to think, not how to think, have been working on that for decades." In this work, the authors effectively capture their readers' attention with provocative ideas in a narrative guaranteed to promote discussion and spirited debate.

Trudel's Privacy Wars was a 2013 Eric Hoffer Book Award Montaigne Medal Finalist.

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