"Back down the rabbit hole. Away we go."

Veronica Salazar is living the life of a marked woman. She successfully infiltrated the Russian government, and now a bounty has been placed on her life. A visit from her ex-boyfriend Kevin further complicates her life, as Kevin is a wanted man. Kevin is considered a traitor who provided valuable information to the Russians. Veronica wants to bring Kevin to justice, as does the CIA. Her supervisor wants a team assembled to capture Kevin and extradite him to the States. Meanwhile, Petra looks to settle down with Kasem. Petra left the agency under a cloud to be with Kasem, who is hiding from his own past and demons. Veronica reaches out to Petra and puts the squeeze on her and Kasem. A plan is set in motion to find Kevin (currently in Burundi), learn what he is doing, and facilitate his rendition to the US.

Guha’s novel crackles with suspense from the outset. This is not merely a conventional spy tale but a thrilling narrative where the motives and mindsets of the spies are examined. The story doesn’t solely focus on Veronica and her conflicting loyalties (to her duty and ex) but also on Petra and Kasem, who want to leave the dangers and backstabbing of espionage in the rearview mirror. The tension in the team’s interactions provides a good amount of drama. The inherent perils in their careers are vividly displayed, and the reader will often find their loyalties divided. The lives of the adventurists who undertake operations fraught with danger often emerge damaged beyond repair. Guha has written a smart and often emotionally impactful book about the multifaceted world of spying and its human toll.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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