"And pursue in earnest the magical path of simply giving,
Not concerned or questioning that which may not be understood by the living."

In a poetry compilation that does justice to both spectrums of life's journey—pain and hope—the resplendent imagery is seamlessly integrated with the transcendent images to deliver a soothing effect. In particular, the photographs, like the hot air balloon's reflection caressing the crystal clear waters amid the backdrop of the setting sun, not only leave a lasting impact but also set the tone for the narrative poetry.

Vernikovsky's mission is profoundly simple: live with passion and be so devoted to something or someone that it can outshine the inevitable patches of darkness. She stresses that far too many in society are moving through life mechanically, almost in a trancelike motion that only exacerbates their circumstances and leaves them in a maze of misery. In "Different Paths, All the Same," for example, the speaker juxtaposes every person's inner demons with their innate ability to be heard and leave their mark. Whether it is the crisp cool of the waves symbolizing strength in "The Beach" or finding peace in "Count the Many," Vernikovsky's poems simultaneously acknowledge that life isn't a straight line of successes while providing a counter formula to break free from the restless mind (as in "Midnight Poems") and to live out the meaning behind the phrase, "count your blessings."

In essence, the poet seeks to challenge the seemingly endless negativity and sensationalism in the news cycle with reflections of fleeting time and a focus on family, relationships, neighbors, and animals, which bond the human spirit. Though no consistent rhyme scheme exists, few will be reading this poetry compilation for its pristine adherence to poetic purism. On the contrary, its vision of growth as a combination of "love and hurt" and giving without expecting makes for a genuine and heartwarming reading experience.

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