Reflections: Moments in Time
by Joyce Henefield Coleman

"We stand in amazement
watching magnificent sunsets"

In quiet celebrations of everyday existence and nature, these poems present and elevate the positive aspects of life. Each poem embraces a full range of emotions, and each challenges readers to overcome the negativity of life's constant disruptions by looking for the light in the darkness. The book opens with "Reflections," a poem in which the speaker declares, "I stand on the mount of time" and encourages one to embrace the "inexplicable joys" life offers. "Beauty in the Little Things" offers a reminder to "stand in amazement" and examine "the little things" that compose life's most precious moments. Other poems like "Finding Hope" embrace the idea that "Time is a gift when one is old" and that "Each day is a passing blessing" that provides a new set of hopes and dreams.

Filled with nature, hope, and plenty of bright moments, this collection offers a multitude of quiet meditations. The compilation's power lies in its optimism. Because of that optimism, the book can serve as a daily source of inspiration, one which readers can turn to as they seek ways to brighten their day. Throughout the book, one also discovers another unique addition: the incorporation of scriptures that encourage readers to examine their faith. The collection then becomes twofold since the scriptures collaborate with the poems to create an introspective, enlightening, and spiritually fulfilling experience. For newcomers to poetry, this collection contains meaningful, easily understood selections. For readers seeking a new way to explore their spirituality, this compilation also offers a devotional experience, one they can return to day after day, making it more than just another poetry collection.

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