"Marian Anderson’s legacy is adorned by numerous accomplishments, countless admirers, and a multitude of communities influenced by her trailblazing humanitarianism."

Marian Anderson's life spanned nearly one hundred years (1897-1993) through the administrations of seventeen U.S. presidents. Her career as a singer began in her childhood as a church performer, and she continued to perform with various notable orchestras and make recordings almost until her death. Honored with awards by several presidents and national organizations for her exquisite contralto voice, moving performances, and humanitarian contributions to racial equality, she also captured the hearts of a wide international audience. She received dozens of honorary degrees from colleges and universities and also received awards from European royalty and governments.

This handy title is not an abbreviated biography. Still, it does capture the highlights of Anderson's life in an extended annual timeline format, not an easy feat to accomplish for an illustrious public figure whose outstanding legacy is memorialized in an autobiography and nearly two dozen biographies for both adults and children. This book will be a welcome addition to the body of literature about Marian Anderson because it's a good way to familiarize oneself with the notable public and personal events of her life. It is likely a good addition to middle school and high school libraries and for the private collections of armchair historians. Henwood includes helpful links to notable websites and sources such as the National Marian Anderson Historical Society, headquartered in the Anderson family home in Philadelphia, and links to exceptional videos and documentaries online. Also included in this volume is a photo gallery with at least one photo never before published publicly. Though the narrative in the foreword wanders a bit, the text settles in the timeline. Henwood's passion for his subject is palpable in the presentation of his research.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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