"Since the first step in real estate investing is deciding that you want to, if you’re at that point, you’ve made progress toward your goal. Congratulations!"

As a supplemental income strategy, real estate can be an important part of one's investment portfolio. If one follows the advice of one's team, even in today's market, a profit can be made in residential real estate. The most important team members will be an accountant, an attorney, and later, a property manager. Knowing which property to buy that will bring in 1% of the purchase price in monthly rent is key. Boyd's business guidebook encompasses years of experience in residential real estate investing and can be used to approach both short and long-term investment goals.

From having a good credit score to an explanation of the debt-to-income ratio and a how-to when applying for credit to purchase real estate, Boyd carefully points out each step. Sharing interesting anecdotes about residential real estate purchases of his own and his clients, Boyd brings about an understanding of what it's like to provide and maintain a property and points out the value of a good property manager.

Helpful tips on making one's own home the first purchase to gain practice on what it's like to maintain a house and why personal wealth should be created first are abundant. Useful advice on whether or not one should pay off a mortgage, creating the right type of holding company, protecting assets, different kinds of financing, and investing when one has no cash to spare are also provided. The down-to-earth approach, good advice, and key takeaways will likely benefit those who may follow this as a guidebook. Boyd's own intriguing investment story and his accomplishments as a real estate attorney are shared with the expectation that if one really wants to gain income, real estate will always be a hot commodity.

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