Rescued in the Rockies
by Pat Lockridge
Ink Start Media

"As boys and horses seemed to be judging what to do next, the fire broke over the ridge behind them…"

Stepbrothers Tyler and Danny are trapped at home when a super virus hits their area. Their dad is in the military and overseas, and their mother is quarantined at the hospital, gravely ill. The boys don't want to end up quarantined with others, so they decide to flee their town before the authorities catch them and head into the hills. They have some basic camping knowledge and supplies and Danny's faith in God. Luckily, the boys are able to secure a few horses and a guard dog. However, they are not prepared for the hardships they will face, including injuries, hostile animals, bandits, wildfire, and winter. Danny's faith carries him through the hard times, but it also annoys Tyler, who doesn't want to hear about it. The boys will have to learn how to lean on each other—and possibly Danny's faith—if they plan to survive their time in the wilderness.

Lockridge's novel is reminiscent of a Gary Paulsen book. It targets middle-grade readers who enjoy adventure narratives and animal stories, as the boys' horses and dog play a large part in the tale. What sets this apart from those books is how important faith is to the storyline. Lockridge has written an easy to read, well-paced book which will likely appeal to its target audience. A few situations stretch the narrative's believability, and the role of faith occasionally overshadows the plot. However, this book will likely find readers and appeal especially to parents looking to give their children books with rousing stories that also teach the Christian faith.

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