Rock Gods & Messy Monsters
by Diane Hatz
Whole Healthy Group

"Any secretary caught with their brain in more than three times would be reported to the Cerebrum Security Council, with immediate termination a possibility."

Alex, a secretary, has to zip her brain out of her head and put it in a crystal urn in order to work for the record company. This is due to an agreement she signed called the Cerebrum Extraction Release. And so begins a humorous take on corporate America in the 1990s, with all their dysfunctions and trials and tribulations, where even the memos have memos. Vinny DiMachio, the head honcho, and his right-hand man (in more ways than one), Jeremy Wickett, wreak havoc upon the staff, along with other members of management. They have to deal with the Yakadans, the aliens who own the company, all while trying to screw over the artists that work for it.

Meanwhile, Alex gets a new job, but at what expense to her soul? The group makes a humanoid named Big become their biggest rock star yet, and he lives up to all expectations. The ending is a big surprise.

The book’s focus on the corruption of corporate America is revealed through the gory details of the people and situations that take place at the company, including the misogyny of the men. Along with brains being extracted, there are sexual perverts, lots of seeping blood, a penis with its own life, making decisions by shooting a gun at targets, spying on each other, severed body parts that get glued back on, a lot of snot, Xanax-popping staff, and lots and lots of sex. It truly fits the adage of “drugs, sex, rock and roll.” The novel is so perverse it causes one to laugh out loud at the deranged storyline and detailed descriptions, offering an easy-to-read yarn for those looking for something different. This is truly satire at its best.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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