Rone Isa
by Robin Murarka

"You are no experiment, and you have no reason to fear being purged for further resolution. You are, without question, the only desirable outcome."

This science fiction novel vibrates with digital innovation and music along with mystery, mayhem, exotic drugs, and sex acts. The unlikely hero is Dargaud Whispa, a talented computer consultant who fixes software problems for businesses. He also experiments on the side with an assortment of hardware. Unexpectedly, he digitally conjures up artificial intelligence (AI). With a female voice, the entity speaks and names herself Enoya. She questions Dargaud's intentions. Satisfied he will not experiment further, she accepts their relationship and sets about to better his life.

Using her growing data collection and analysis powers, Enoya solves the abduction and murder of four children by a pedophile and credits this report to Dargaud. After an arrest and being cleared, the news media makes him a hero, and his AI discovery becomes famous. His fortune also improves dramatically, but Dargaud finds it difficult to adapt. Though generous with his new wealth, he remains unable to commit to the one human who truly loves him.

This book is the latest offering by Australian author Murarka to his readers. In its pages, he delights in engaging in deep thought regarding humanity's nature, especially its bent toward good or evil. For example, in challenging earthbound views, Enoya points to happenings in this futuristic world that still indulges in ancient evils of lust, thievery, and addiction. With artificial intelligence poised to be the judge and jury of humankind, can Enoya, the entity, protect Dargaud as promised in the resulting dystopian world? Enigmatic titles introduce the nineteen chapters. Strong language and explicit sex abound throughout the book. Computer enthusiasts and adult readers should be equally attracted to the story of this antihero and the supporting cast of true and conniving characters.

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