Sara Found It First
by Brenda Bittle Bucher

"OK, I give up! This is just one big mess! Somebody please show me the way to the twentieth century!"

Sara's modern life in Rhode Island is upended dramatically when she wakes up one day to find herself transported in time and place to Colorado in 1872. Thus begins an extraordinary journey of awakening as Sara has the opportunity to experience new love, new friends, and a whole new way of life. With knowledge of her future life always in her mind, she can compare and contrast people, places, and actions. As Sara adjusts to life in the 1800s, another woman, Ginger, is transported into Sara's life in Rhode Island. The mystery of the two women is slowly revealed as the characters search for the truth.

Bucher blends history, romance, and fantasy with this time-traveling story that is ultimately hopeful and uplifting. This intriguing novel offers a fresh take on the "fish out of water" tale as Sara and Ginger try to adapt to being in a new time and place. They take their shocking situation in stride and meet their challenges with humor and lighthearted reflection on the strangeness of their new surroundings. They are looking for their authentic selves and true loves across multiple time periods, and the story unfurls in a variety of places that come alive with historical detail. Bucher has an ear for dialogue, both internal and external. As characters grapple with their lives and loves, Bucher explores their interior lives and gives a powerful voice to all the female characters. Infused with humor, this upbeat story is a tribute to the search for love and the magical possibilities life brings in unexpected ways.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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