Seasons and Senses: Poetry and Other Thoughts
by Darlene T. Ewers
PageTurner Press and Media

"Just as God set His promise at rainbows’ ends,
So, too, He gives me sparkling diamonds
To strengthen my faith for tomorrow’s times."

Breaking her compilation down by the seasons, Ewers' poetry revolves around awakening the spirit so it can walk in alignment with the love of the Lord. Though the poems span decades, the consistent theme of God's love permeates throughout as humankind struggles through their mortal worries and pain.

In particular, the use of strong imagery of light and dark, especially fire, snow, sunshine, and moonlight, are prominent throughout the work and help to evoke a feeling that hope is on the horizon. For instance, "Sunshine" uses wordplay with "sonshine" to juxtapose the sacrifices of the Savior in Jesus Christ with the extrication of Satan from human minds. Similarly, poems like "Grains of Sand" use the metaphor of "shores of life" to show how people are all grains of sand who share a common beginning, defined and differentiated ultimately by the choices that they make.

While faith is integral to this compilation, a strong level of purity is embedded in this work's essence. From the descriptions of holding a newborn in "Hands" to the memories of loved ones depicted in "Memories," Ewers exhibits an innocence and a genuine love that radiates beyond the material realm. Unsurprisingly, even her ode to the American flag exudes warmth and emotion. Above all else, Ewers' work is one of gratitude on the spiritual level with the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Simultaneously, it is an expression of thankfulness for relationships, love, and memories in the material world, albeit caught in the storm of fleeting time. Those drawn to inspirational poetry may find the author's book just what they are looking for.

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