Secrets of a SalesPro: How to Achieve Wealth, Power, and Happiness
by Stephen M. Serrao
Trafford Publishing

"It's hard to escape the fact that our lives involve a never-ending web of interaction with other people."

Serrao's book on becoming a SalesPro is a four-chapter guide that covers three main concepts: sales, the basics of being a SalesPro, and the advanced secrets of a SalesPro. The premise of the guide is to aid the reader in becoming the most effective salesperson they can be. Serrao challenges the reader to change their stereotypical understanding of sales and how a salesperson should behave. The author demonstrates that a true SalesPro is someone who genuinely cares about the needs of the customer and subsequently receives a large profit for their efforts. A consistent theme throughout the book is that a salesperson should always respond with kindness.

The author's book is a quick and easy read that contains a wealth of information and wisdom for anyone in the sales field. Serrao gives relevant examples from his own life working as a salesperson throughout the book. He candidly shares both positive and negative experiences, allowing the reader to feel understood in their struggles and have hope for the future. Because of his vast sales experience, the tips the author describes in the book can be applied to any area of sales, from wholesale to business-to-business sales. The author's organized layout helps the reader to grasp each of the "secrets" that will help them to advance in their career. This insightful guide could benefit anyone in the field of sales or anyone in an area that deals daily with people, for, as the book notes, people's lives revolve around how they handle social interactions.

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