"From the psychospiritual perspective, personality development begins the moment a person asks him or her self the perennial question: 'What or who am I'"

In nine thick, well-written chapters, Brown effectively engages the reader with important topics of the day such as spiritual yearnings, patterns of estrangement and destruction, the ego as an enemy of the authentic self, adjustment, mood and anxiety disorders, identity disorders, the impact of medication, extra-familial relationships, and the worlds of animals and plants. The various chapters discuss such pithy topics as "Humankind on the Chain of Being," "Towards the Soul and the Great Chain of Being," "Personality Universals," "Darkness, Shadows and Light," "Psychospiritual Development," "Self-Effacement," "The Unbelieving Self: A Spiritual Psychopath," "Adjustment and Personality, and "The Self in Healing." The book also includes a glossary, references and notes, a bibliography, and an index.

Ultimately Brown concludes that "only a conscious spiritual being contemplates, ask questions, and seeks answers" to many of the questions explored in his book. As he writes, "The Creator gave human souls garments (human bodies) to wear in this world, special equipment (higher consciousness, common sense, intelligence, conscience, and limited free will) and commanded humans to "Read" throughout the journey. Those on spiritual paths from many directions will appreciate the thoroughness of Brown's approach. He handles complex issues in ways that can be understood. In essence, rather than taking on an academic tone as many authors in this genre tend to do, he has chosen to write clearly for the layperson. Those stumbling on their personal routes through life, as well as those professionally guiding the lost, will find many precious insights to mine in this book and ample challenges for self-reflection.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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