Seven Islands of the Fog
by Thomas Terraforte
Stratton Press

"True knowledge comes from observing life in a way nobody ever has."

There is no disputing that Subsa the City of Weeds, Scio the Island of Knowledge, Tantamount the Island of Merchants, Dragoon the Prehistoric Island, Cat's Wall the Island of Wizards and Humanoid Cats, and Ignis the Island of Fire, all exist in the fog. But does a mythical seventh island also exist? If so, where is it, what is its name, and how does one reach it? It has a reputation as a place where anyone can find one's heart's desire. If it is real, it will bring absolute and perfect joy to all who visit. Representatives from each known island band together and, using submarines and magical birds called whirlies, set out for that elusive destination, seeking their heart's desires according to what their respective cultures have taught them to value. Will individual pursuits of so many ideas of what constitutes perfect joy destroy the cooperation they have forged?

This stream-of-consciousness fantasy calls upon the reader to pay careful attention to the ultimate goals of each of the numerous characters. Physical attractiveness, productivity, laziness, intelligence, and social refinement are all relative to each character's perception. This is best evidenced by Victoria's declaration that every landscape she has ever seen presents itself to her on the seventh island. Time, rather than being presented as most understand it, is an entity that can be physically lost or stolen through the theft of clocks. Cats possess human intelligence and only the most desirable qualities of the feline species. The semi-robotic whirly bird can be controlled either with the lightest touch of a rein or the push of electronic buttons mounted to their backs. Steampunk and time travel fans may wish to check out Terraforte's novel as the author bends their understanding of what constitutes eternal happiness.

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