"The time of the revelation of the seventy weeks’ prophecy is usually not dated by many scholars."

In this fact-laden treatise, author Arceno seeks to establish as scriptural truth his assertion, first advanced in an earlier volume on the subject, that Jesus of Nazareth was a prophet who came to alert his followers to the coming of the Messiah Muhammad and the worldwide dominance of the religion of Islam. To make this point, he relies throughout on two major sources. The first is the Book of Daniel in the Old Testament, in which the prophecy of the seventy weeks appears in Chapter 9. Long examined by biblical scholars, Daniel’s vision has been interpreted as a foretelling of the advent of Jesus. Arceno, however, has extruded a far different meaning: there are two Messiahs referred to in the passage. The second source is the Book of Barnabas, an apocryphal gospel that first appeared in the 16th or 17th century. In building his case that Jesus came to announce Muhammad’s advent, Arceno provides complex graphs, chronologies, and numerological data to add historical and textual credence.

Arceno, a design tech specialist currently based in Saudi Arabia, has assiduously constructed this second volume, drawing on many existing theories surrounding the prophecy. He possesses a scholar’s knowledge of the intermingled history of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam and provides ample support for his lengthy text with six appendices offering further corroboration. Filled as this volume is with finely detailed information on dates and the possible meaning of arcane scripture, its strongly held thesis might challenge the questioning reader to look more deeply into the subject. This new volume could provide lively discussion among followers of any of the religions within its focus. Due to the conviction expressed in the narrative, it is certain to sustain the interest of those who concur with the author on his basic spiritual premise.

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