Shep the Sheep: The Lost Sheep
by Dave Jacoby

"Have no fear. You are not alone. The Good Shepherd has already gone before you."

The idyllic village of Sheepfold is where many sheep live peacefully under the watch and care of the Good Shepherd. Despite having all his needs met, Shep the Sheep wants to go out, see the world, and discover new opportunities as a rock and roll star. Upon leaving, Shep meets both the Prince of Darkness (a.k.a. Mr. Bob) and Al Mundi, the mayor of a city called Carnal Vestige, where it appears that dreams can come true. All is not as it seems, however, and even though Shep’s dreams come true and he records a hit song, he feels an emptiness he doesn’t know how to fill. Realizing that Shep may want to leave this lifestyle behind and return to Sheepfold, they begin to offer him temptations and distractions, all while a rescue effort is being led from Sheepfold to bring Shep back to the flock.

Drawn and presented in a comic strip style, this series of ten short comics offers a fun and humorous way for not just children but readers of all ages to understand the covenant and promises made by God to his people. Modernized and given a cartoony makeover, the lessons and morals of Shep’s journeys are easy to pick up and process without being blatant or overly preachy. The characters have big bombastic personalities, and running gags throughout the book will give readers the urge to search for hidden details in the pictures. As the audience meets and falls in love with Shep and his friends, the story is left open for more adventures for the citizens of Sheepfold and Carnal Vestige, promising more comics to come.

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