"Every time we think there can be nowhere prettier than where we are or have been we find another place that surpasses anything we’ve seen."

John and Elizabeth Timms spent nine months traveling through Australia in an RV. This travelogue chronicles their experiences along the way as Elizabeth keeps daily track of the places they visit while also contemplating the nature of travel and the lessons learned on the road. This account captures the realities of long-distance traveling and honestly portrays the pitfalls they encountered. Elizabeth writes candidly about her uncertainty about being gone from home for so many months even though she is seeing so many amazing places. She truly captures not only the beautiful sites but also the emotions she is feeling throughout this epic journey.

At one point, she muses about their traveling pace as they wonder if they should speed up to see more or slow down and savor the moments. These are the kinds of questions all travelers ask, and Elizabeth adds to the conversation with her own enlightened thoughts. She faithfully records the highlights of each day, from the scenic views to the friends made at campsites. She describes the food and the towns they pass through, the architecture, and the wildlife.

Readers will be transported to Australia as they travel side by side with the Timms. This account brings this land to life with its exquisite eye for detail and accessible prose. This book is far from the travel shows that glamourize travel or even the Instagram-perfect travel posts. Instead, it seeks to share the couple's real adventures on the road, including all the setbacks, challenging logistics, and lessons learned the hard way. The book celebrates the joys of the journey but also the difficulties and reveals the chronicler's open-hearted, adventurous spirit.

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