Silence the Past
by Gary L. Kreigh
AIA Publishing

"We have no choice. We have to do what drivers do when they’re sliding. We have to turn into the skid, stand up to the past, and concentrate on the future."

Set during the Indy 500 race week, Kreigh takes readers to Indiana, where a string of local robberies and a bureau and desks with tricky hidden drawers are connected to suicide and then murder. Who is communicating through the secret compartments in the desks, and are they using family history to perpetrate blackmail? Only the board and staff members of the trendy Open Arms thrift shop know if there is illegal activity between the shop and Cottage Gallery, an upscale art and antique shop. Unfortunately, they aren’t talking to Callan. Kreigh then shifts the story back in time to a chance meeting on a train where a bond of friendship is formed, and a one-hundred-year-old shameful secret involving the Ku Klux Klan is shared.

Readers see the cast of characters continue to grow until each one’s history is exposed, leaving them open and vulnerable to each other and the truth. Callan and his wife, Teresa, provide their concerned but amused scrutiny toward unraveling the mysteries from the past and are also unable to stop their search for the truth about the “bureau transactions.”

In this installment to his series starring Callan Morrow, the author captivates with a modern-day mystery packed with historical implications. His book keeps the reader close to the edge as the plot twists and turns like a whirlwind. Also, his use of detail is delightful and paints a picture of Indiana’s beauty and traditions. In the end, Kreigh has taken his audience on a journey to the understanding that uncovering the past may cause one to hide from their future in a tale that cannot be put down until the last page.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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