Sin; Walk of Shame
by Tymon Bolton II (Khrona Tensei)
Author Reputation Press

"And So, Life Goes On. Do Not Sin Again."

In a world that has strayed from virtue, the best hope is to journey into the unknown realms to face the seven deadly sins and learn how to be released from that which enslaves and binds people to lives of suffering. Like Dante in ancient days, Tensei has imagined an allegorical world that will instruct and guide those who want to be released from sin. Each story tackles one of the seven deadly sins and offers an intricately constructed vision that is deeply imaginative and complex. Many religions rely on parables, allegories, and other stories to convey teachings and help believers journey to enlightenment and fulfillment. Tensei follows in this tradition of writers and thinkers grappling with important religious truths through fictional worlds. Layers of meaning and application emerge triumphantly in these stories in the same way lessons and inspiration come from sermons.

Readers will need to commit to uncovering the complexities that abound in these stories and the labyrinthine corridors contained in each chapter. Tensei’s imagination is boundless and endlessly fascinating. Each of the seven deadly sins is unleashed with all their devastating power and destruction through the meticulous description and vivid detail in a wildly constructed world of mystery. The end result is a thought-provoking journey that exposes sin while also inviting hope for salvation and redemption. For readers seeking religious teachings through stories in the spirit of Dante or C.S. Lewis, this work of fiction will lead them to a deeper understanding of sin’s grip on society.

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