Slaying the Jabberwock
by Jean Kehoe Van Dyke
Wegwas Books

"Together, they used the strength of their bond to rebuild his belief in himself."

When Drew Sutherland meets Willow Roberts, the attraction is immediate for both. Willow has broken off her engagement to take a job working for Mae Sutherland, Drew's grandmother, and Drew has recently returned to the States after a violent encounter with his opera teacher. The relationship, however, gets off on the wrong foot for the two as Drew is known for his womanizing ways, while Willow believes in love, marriage, and family. Drew is carrying a secret that he finds hard to reveal to Willow. As a young child, he was abused by his mother. As a protective measure, he developed several alternative personalities. Though he has worked for many years with a psychiatrist, and the personalities are believed to have integrated into Drew's true self, several incidents point to the fact that his alternate personalities are far from gone.

This novel is a fascinating look at multiple personality disorder. The author goes into much detail about the protagonist's condition and its specific characteristics. However, some sexually explicit scenes within the text render this work more appropriate for adult readers. Though the book is long at almost 600 pages, it is fast-paced with plenty of action and plot twists to intrigue readers. The love story between Drew and Willow is a central element in the book. Still, it is Drew and his life dealing with his personality disorder and the six personalities created by his psyche to deal with the abuse he suffered at the hands of his mother that stand out in the narrative. The author does an amazing job of describing Drew as he transforms from one personality to the other. This one will keep readers entertained with its unusual plot.

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