"...there is rarely both a big winner and an exploited loser in free transactions—since either buyer or seller is free to walk away."

A younger generation of Americans on social media has begun advocating for socialism. They believe in promises by politicians like Bernie Sanders that socialism can provide a better solution to equal opportunity and pay. Knowing Obama was an advocate of socialism, Bryson carefully observed his presidency to see what strategies he would implement to solve the economy's downturn. He concludes that, though knowledgeable about Marxist theory, Obama didn't succeed because he was unskilled in economics and free markets, something also seen in Venezuela's recent attempt.

In this book, the author concisely addresses twenty-seven issues regarding socialism. For example, some propose the Scandinavian model as the one to be replicated, but in reality, the Scandinavians have capitalist markets. He also explains interest in issues such as global warming, Darwinism, population control, and illegal immigration. He advises developing a skeptical view of the science that drives panic in our country.

Being in Berlin when the wall was built sparked Bryson's life-long interest in what type of society it was that locked in their citizens. As a Ph.D. holder who spent over forty years in academia, the author has acquired expert status on the subject of this book. He is skilled at logically laying out arguments and evidence. A well-organized table of contents works with an index to navigate to detailed content. Additionally, Bryson is not above telling a story to make a point. According to the author, young socialism champions are angry at capitalism because of their own financial needs (student loans and no down payment for a house). To encourage them, Bryson relates his and his wife's experiences in their early days of marriage and schooling. Their motto was "you can live modestly now" with hopes for a better economic future.

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