"Sensations pleasant, proud, return to me: again I share the finest company"

Divided into sections based around themes of finding joy in loved ones and nature, this poetry collection harkens back to the times of Shakespeare by using the sonnet as its main poetic form. In fact, there are sixty sonnets found throughout the work, each one accompanied by classic paintings (largely from the late nineteenth century to the early twentieth century) or photographs. The text progresses from pieces celebrating the finding of true love to spending a life marveling at life’s wonders to the wonders that come from raising children. Each sonnet also strives to pay tribute to the historical era in which Shakespeare composed his plays and poems by recreating the same vivid and unique portrayal of the language known from that period.

All the sonnets from this collection highlight the many joys found in everyday life, from the people we interact with to the natural world that surrounds us. They are as uplifting to read as they are tantalizing when recited aloud, and their language very much maintains the spirit of Shakespeare’s time throughout the entire work. There is a pronounced concentration on using the vivid imagery of nature and seemingly ordinary people or moments to stress them as blessings, which only strengthens its overall atmosphere of goodwill and harmony. As such, this collection is a soothing experience sure to bring a smile to the face of any readers in need of a reminder that life is filled with promise. Fans of the sonnet form or poetry, in general, will have much to revel in with Buchheit's book.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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