Soul Wars: An Adventure into the Supernatural
by Chris Kline
Workbook Press

"No words were spoken, but the Lord knew what to do."

In this novel, Kline explores the theme of good versus evil through the lenses of the protagonists, Samuel and Esther Evans. They are a married couple, and they have two children. Samuel and Esther are miserable in their relationship due to Samuel’s behavior. He is a very abusive alcoholic who takes out his anger and frustration on his wife. Esther wishes he could change his ways. He also cheats on her and berates his elder son, Joshua, any chance he gets. As a result, it leaves Joshua feeling worthless and rejected. One day, Samuel meets his new neighbor, George Smith, at work. From there and in mysterious ways, the lives of these two men and their families will intertwine over the years, and their faith in God will be tested.

From the start, the author establishes a sharp contrast between non-believers and believers. For instance, Samuel does not believe in God because he feels God has done nothing good for him. Meanwhile, George is a man of God who truly believes in the power of the Lord. He even asked God’s permission to buy a truck. Kline points out this dichotomy between these two characters. In addition, the author clearly describes the internal conflicts the characters go through when confronted with choosing good or bad choices. The more they let negative thoughts invade their minds, the more inclined they are to make bad choices. In keeping with the promise made in the subtitle, the author also weaves supernatural elements into the narrative. For example, the evil forces enjoy the show behind the scenes, and they keep plotting against the characters. Kline expertly conveys in this book that everybody has their own free will to side with God or Satan.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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