Spirituality for Badasses
by J. Stewart Dixon
PIE Publishing

"There’s a lot we know. But there’s a hell of a lot more we don’t know. Mystery is badass."

Fundamentally, everyone wants the same things: to be happy, understand life and their role in the grand scheme of things, and achieve inner peace. Enough books have been written on the subject to fill an entire library on their own. Yet, for many, the slow, soft, passive approach to attaining a higher level of awareness is completely ineffective. The author of this book prefers a higher gear when it comes to growth in spirituality. Achieving mindfulness through the plan laid out in this book involves a cross-country road trip, an iguana, a biker bar, white water rafting, and one of the fastest roller coasters around. There's still plenty of inward glancing, deep tissue massage, and meditation to calm the mind, but this book sets out to prove once and for all that you don't have to be a badass to make sense of the universe. But it helps.

Spanning four parts, this book evolves as it goes on, becoming new things in order to suit the lessons being presented. At first, the basics are outlined, and the author splits his time between talking directly to the reader about certain terms and concepts and presenting the framework for his storytelling. As the book progresses, the narrative becomes a stronger and more integral point, while the lessons and exercises become more intertwined with the book's other elements. By utilizing humor, pop culture, shared vulnerability, and personal experience, the narrative helps the audience feel a kinship and closeness to the author that immediately establishes trust. It is a trust that, at times, he might betray to make a point, but all of this is in service of the greater lesson here. Dixon's book will leave a profound impact and give one much to consider and re-study.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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