Spirituality in the 21st Century
by Frank P. Daversa

"Earth is merely a learning ground for humanity to evolve spiritually before moving on to the afterlife."

Daversa's look at twenty-first-century spirituality is a deeply personal account of what he has gleaned from years as a truth-seeker. The work offers an outline of his belief system and outlines how one can utilize the book to seek a more spiritual life. Though the author is a self-professed Christian, he values the lessons of other religions and includes many of their beliefs. As stated in the introduction, the author intends to "provide hope and guidance for those starting out on their spiritual journeys, those not currently satisfied with the extent of their spiritual development, and those wanting to otherwise enhance the spiritual part of their lives." Daversa asserts that the goal of spiritual practice is to achieve enlightenment. In order to assist readers in reaching spiritual enlightenment, he lists and expounds upon five principles.

Part religious philosophy and part advice, this offering is a fascinating look at spirituality. Daversa presents a simple, easy-to-follow argument in a clear and concise style. Because the book isn't meant to be an exhaustive look at the subject, it is a short and fast read. But the brevity of the book does not mean it lacks a depth of information. Some readers, especially mainstream Christians, may find some of Daversa's ideas controversial, such as his view that reincarnation can indeed be possible for some people. However, as his first principle of achieving enlightenment is "Accept God into Your Life and Jesus Christ as Your Savior," it seems evident that the spirituality the author portrays in both life and this work shares some tenets of traditional Christian belief despite its differences in other areas. Written with the obvious desire to enhance the lives of others, this work is informative and thought-provoking.

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