Standing Alone
by Paul Jones
Trafford Publishing

"In the sky, He put the moon by night,
but for the day was the sun, giving off heat, big and bright."

Fusing poetry with meaningful biblical passages, this poetry collection guides readers along imagistic, spiritual paths. Readers find poems like "The Beginning," which remind the faithful of their creator's power: "He then saw the waters, and He developed His plan. / He separated the waters so there could be dry land." Other poems, such as "Trapped Within," discuss the debilitating power isolation hold but reminds readers that their faith can see them through the darkest periods: "I then lifted up my voice to give Him praise. / There was no more darkness, there wasn't any more shade." As the compilation concludes, readers realize they have taken an intimate, personal journey. "The Sunset" reminds them to live life meaningfully: "Man was not meant to live his life this way. / He was meant to live by his words, the words that he should often say."

This collection is a must-read for readers seeking an enlightening poetic experience, one grounded firmly in faith and the pursuit of truth. It exudes brightness, even when its poems explore the negativity that everyday life delivers. Most of all, it reinforces to readers that every person has a purpose: "He said 'I want you to share with others what I have given you, / the words that I give you, the words that are true.'" The book also emphasizes the necessity of seeking calm and peace in the face of adversity, making it a meditative experience: "He waits for you with opened arms. / Know in your heart that it wasn't / Him which caused the harm." Like Jelena Bango's WIth the Lamp of My Soul, this collection is a treasure trove for anyone seeking a devotional experience guaranteed to lift their spirits.

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