Stay Woke
by Novia L.D.

"You may be young, but you are not dumb."

This fully illustrated book reads like a poem that encourages children to be aware of the troubles and issues that face the world at present rather than try to hide from them. Each page features another part of this melodic call to take notice or “Stay Woke,” such as to show kindness and be modest towards others. It emphasizes that all of us live in a world plagued by terrible troubles, including the pandemic, natural disasters, injustices, and misinformation campaigns. The work stresses that some of the best ways to make things better are to become informed about what is happening in the world today and to take an active role against attempts to turn a blind eye to them.

The world today is truly a turbulent place, and the term “Woke” has a long and complex history behind it. As used in this book, however, it gets highlighted as a need to understand that there are crazy things happening that our society needs to address. This work further stresses the importance of simply admitting that such difficult situations exist. One then must learn what can be done about them and work to make a positive contribution to help everyone through these rough times. One area in which this book shines is in pushing the way such issues are vital for adults and children to be aware of in their daily lives. Choosing to be knowledgeable about current events and their impact on people, in essence, becomes a good first step towards a brighter future. The author's book challenges readers to think deeper about how they live and react in an ever-changing world.

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