Strange Stories: Tales of the Paranormal
by Sarala Kunhambu
Partridge Publishing Singapore

"Many of these stories, show clearly, the insidious manner, in which Evil creeps in, and how humankind seriously attempts to thwart and defeat this Evil."

In this book of fifteen tales, each story examines an aspect of the paranormal. The stories have different plot lines, but they all deal with darkness and evil and how this darkness creeps into everyday life. From a knife chopping off a man’s head to people being possessed, the offerings include haunted houses, murders and suicide by tortured souls, the devil, an exorcism, a woman being killed for trying to interfere with an evil spirit, a child spirit who plays with a real-life girl, and other haunted and haunting encounters. The stories reveal the horrors of dark paranormal activities in vivid and scary detail. Sometimes there is healing through the work of shamans, priests, one’s own focus on the power of goodness and God, the power of prayer, or chanting a mantra while focusing on faith. Each story ends with a short note from the author about the tale.

These short stories offer a variety of creepiness and are engaging in their evilness. Whether one believes in evil or not, the reader will be led through scary stories. The author’s personal belief in the paranormal and her own experiences of such activities add to the insight of each tale, including her own story about a housemaid. Her belief in God is shown throughout the book, and the importance of God in coping with these strange happenings influences the writing. The overall effectiveness of the offerings would have been enhanced through some additional editing. Some background on the cultural origins of the tales when appropriate would have also been welcome. Still, for those fascinated by the fight between good and evil, this book may be an engaging read for its scariness and interesting look into paranormal events.

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