"By understanding your numbers sooner rather than later, implementing changes will impact your results sooner. Don’t put off understanding the numbers."

Business maven and lively writer Fisher has devised a methodology for success based on nine key elements. Although she was initially rather introverted, Fisher's high intelligence underpinned her entry into the corporate world, aided by good bosses, cooperative co-workers, professional coaching, and her natural impulse to achieve. She believes that many entrepreneurs, managers, and start-up personnel may suffer from a fear of numbers. Yet an understanding of costs, profits, and net gains is essential to maintaining a strong portfolio.

The nine key elements she proposes for a Profitable Modern Business Framework™ are "Stable Presence," "Reliable Pay-Off," "Solid Position," "Unlimited Power," "Vital Performance," "Realistic Perception," "Strategic Predictions," "Potential Possibilities," and "Collective Participation." Each of these concepts is examined in depth using factual scenarios, many of them from her personal experience. Unlimited Power, for example, denotes true independence, something all managers should cultivate. A strong grasp of company finances aids in building self-confidence. Ultimately, managers must gain all the skills needed "to make the numbers count."

Fisher has titled herself "The Cash Flow Queen," a designation she has earned by embracing the complex finances involved in beginning and sustaining a successful enterprise. Writing is another notable skill that she clearly possesses and has honed, making her book flow in an enjoyable manner within its essential, technical knowledge base. Her work takes readers into the day-to-day thought patterns of a busy, stressed manager, offering methods for keeping a cooler head by taking control of, instead of being controlled by, crucial business numbers. Each chapter begins with song lyrics and the author's brief explanation of how they might impact the subject matter. A stand-out example is an excerpt from "I Did It My Way," a phrase that well encapsulates Fisher's determination to attain personal and professional goals and help others do likewise.

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