"You have to cut through the theory and rely on the practical to make things work."

Many SaaS businesses focus their energy on developing a product to meet the needs of consumers but struggle to capture the value of the product through effective pricing. Rivera’s lifelong experience as a pricing consultant and strategist has helped him master the art and science of monetization. In this entertaining and engaging book, he explains how to capture value and land on the best pricing model. Designed as a playlist with chapters as tracks, Rivera connects his expertise to hip-hop music through lyrics and through the lives of the artists creating the music on which he grew up. The result is a bold, decisive guide that will keep readers engaged and highly informed with its clarity, examples, and explanations.

Meticulously written and endlessly insightful, with each track the book provides data-driven recommendations for pricing models that guide readers through the complexities and pitfalls of pricing SaaS products. Rivera’s voice is fierce and full of swagger as he relies on his own personal history to set the tone for his ambition and his success. His ability to infuse this framework for pricing with hip-hop references feels fresh, modern, and exciting. He melds the music seamlessly, so it never detracts from the important lessons and strategies residing in each chapter. It’s as if Rivera injects his own hype man to energize each topic he presents on the nuance and minutiae of pricing models.

No matter how good a product may be, if it isn’t priced right, then a business may not succeed, and money will be left on the table. Rivera wants to help businesses measure value and unlock revenue growth with a book packed with advice based on years of experience.

A 2023 Eric Hoffer Book Award Category Finalist

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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